Resolution in Dreams.

dreamsLying in bed last night, on a late-Winter night in Northern Ireland, all snuggled up and warm and hearing my partner (The Dote) breathing rhythmically and my wee Yorkshire Terrier (Jake) snoring away, I was ready to drift off into blissful slumber.


Until I realised I needed the loo…

My problem was that The Dote has been having sleeping problems lately, and I was happy that she seemed to be slipping off, so I didn’t want to move. As I lay there, stiff as a statue, I tried to distract myself by thinking about my book. I let my mind wander over various scenes and plot points and suddenly something came to me. I wasn’t sure where it came from or even whether it would work or not, but bloody hell I was excited about it and I knew I wanted to write it down at the very least. The Dote had said to me before that if I got inspiration during then night I should switch on my lamp and write it down – it is important after all. But  she was sleeping, and I didn’t want to wake her…

Eventually, the need for the loo became unignorable (yes, it is I word, I just typed it) and I had to get up. Evvver so gently, mind you. As I came back out of our en-suite The Dote was there at the door to meet me. I had woke her up and now she needed to go too. Ah, crap.

Ok, I have to tell you at this point that she is of the disposition that if she’s asleep and you waken her, that’s her wide awake for the next 4 hours. I stuffed up and I knew it.

As she got back into bed and she lifted her Kindle to try and read herself to sleep, I lay there happily mulling over the new twist in my book. When guilt finally dawned I decided to do the right thing.

“Baby, do you want some hot chocolate?” I whispered.


Well there you go then. Off the hook. Maybe.

“I’m sorry I woke you.” I offered.

“You can’t sleep either?” she snapped.

“Actually, I’ve just thought of a really good twist to my book…”

“Well, you’d better write it down then, hadn’t you.” She stated rather than asked.

“Really?? You don’t mind?”

“No. I’m awake now aren’t I?”

There was my permission. And so I did. I turned on my lamp, got out my little blue notebook and merrily jotted down my ideas. And then I switched off my lamp and promptly fell back to sleep. I didn’t waken until my alarm went off this morning. Lovely 🙂

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