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Trying to Write When you have Privacy Issues.

I’m a stationery girl. And no, I don’t mean ‘stationary’. I don’t stand still a lot… sheesh! I mean that I love notebooks! And pens! But it has to be the right notebook and the right pen, because any old crap just will never do!

With pens, it has to be a Bic Z4+ gel pen, 0.7mm nib, black ink. Or for a ball-point, a Sprite Baron with blue ink.

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Basing my characters on people I know or have known…. right or wrong…?

faceWhat’s the answer? Who bloody knows?? And who is anyone to tell anyone?

Here’s how I see it. Basically, I’ve asked this question several times on different forums and Facebook pages and I’ve got varying replies, ranging from “Oh yes, I once based a serial killer entirely on my sixth grade teacher and he still doesn’t know, bwahaha!” to “Actually, I think that’s not only disrespectful, but I also hope she finds out and sues you because a person’s own persona is their own property and it’s also questionable writing ethics in my opinion, and just… wrong!!!”

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