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Cocky-er Than a Cocky Person Being Their Cocky-est. Pure Poppy-Cock!!

Image credit to  Nate Hoffelder  and JK Rowling (I’m hoping neither will sue me…)

Alright, don’t go getting all cocky on me… I know that my over use of the word ‘cocky’ in my heading might be a tad confusing to most of you. But it needed to be done. I have to get as many cocky’s out in as few words as possible in order to rub someone up the wrong way. Continue reading

Update on my word count…

I’ve now reached 28,000 words. My book is taking shape.

I have to admit that I’ve known the basic outline for a good while now, but I find that I’m inserting scenes and plot points here and there and for that, The Novel Factory is invaluable.

Continuing on…

22,000 words so far….

As this is my first blog post I’m sure this heading will be a tad confusing for most if not all.

I’ve been writing a novel now for a few months, and I’ve hit 22,000 words. Mostly dialogue, so I know I have a lot of descriptive text to go in but I’m really pleased with it so far.