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Cocky-er Than a Cocky Person Being Their Cocky-est. Pure Poppy-Cock!!

Image credit to  Nate Hoffelder  and JK Rowling (I’m hoping neither will sue me…)

Alright, don’t go getting all cocky on me… I know that my over use of the word ‘cocky’ in my heading might be a tad confusing to most of you. But it needed to be done. I have to get as many cocky’s out in as few words as possible in order to rub someone up the wrong way. Continue reading

Trying to Write When you have Privacy Issues.

I’m a stationery girl. And no, I don’t mean ‘stationary’. I don’t stand still a lot… sheesh! I mean that I love notebooks! And pens! But it has to be the right notebook and the right pen, because any old crap just will never do!

With pens, it has to be a Bic Z4+ gel pen, 0.7mm nib, black ink. Or for a ball-point, a Sprite Baron with blue ink.

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Writers Block and Why it Shouldn’t Exist

Ooooooh! Controversial!

Ok, don’t go getting your knickers in a twist. I understand that for a lot of us the old writers’ block can be as welcome as the spawn of Beelzebub at a divorce party. All I’m saying is that when you reeeeely think about it, there is more than enough for us to be getting on with that would all go towards building our books, that we don’t actually have to be writing the damn thing in order to help us write it.


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Writing Whilst Enibreeated, wait, Inebreated… Innybrited… ok, Drunk….


I have to admit that this is actually a serious post – in spite of the heading, haha!! (see, there I go…?)

But still. This topic does crop up every now and then in forums, chat rooms and writers’ Facebook groups. Admittedly, I may very well be the one bringing it up… but yes, you get all sorts of responses ranging from “You clearly have an alcohol dependency problem” to “All the greats wrote their best works whilst high on something or other, go for it!”

Naturally, I prefer the responses of the latter kind, but I’d just like to address the ‘issue’ for a brief moment before continuing on my merry way. (I say merry as it is still relatively early on a Friday, but I do envisage ‘rowdy’ or even ‘raucous’ a tad later on…)  Continue reading

Basing my characters on people I know or have known…. right or wrong…?

faceWhat’s the answer? Who bloody knows?? And who is anyone to tell anyone?

Here’s how I see it. Basically, I’ve asked this question several times on different forums and Facebook pages and I’ve got varying replies, ranging from “Oh yes, I once based a serial killer entirely on my sixth grade teacher and he still doesn’t know, bwahaha!” to “Actually, I think that’s not only disrespectful, but I also hope she finds out and sues you because a person’s own persona is their own property and it’s also questionable writing ethics in my opinion, and just… wrong!!!”

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Update on my word count…

I’ve now reached 28,000 words. My book is taking shape.

I have to admit that I’ve known the basic outline for a good while now, but I find that I’m inserting scenes and plot points here and there and for that, The Novel Factory is invaluable.

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22,000 words so far….

As this is my first blog post I’m sure this heading will be a tad confusing for most if not all.

I’ve been writing a novel now for a few months, and I’ve hit 22,000 words. Mostly dialogue, so I know I have a lot of descriptive text to go in but I’m really pleased with it so far.