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Cocky-er Than a Cocky Person Being Their Cocky-est. Pure Poppy-Cock!!

Image credit to  Nate Hoffelder  and JK Rowling (I’m hoping neither will sue me…)

Alright, don’t go getting all cocky on me… I know that my over use of the word ‘cocky’ in my heading might be a tad confusing to most of you. But it needed to be done. I have to get as many cocky’s out in as few words as possible in order to rub someone up the wrong way. Continue reading

Trying to Write When you have Privacy Issues.

I’m a stationery girl. And no, I don’t mean ‘stationary’. I don’t stand still a lot… sheesh! I mean that I love notebooks! And pens! But it has to be the right notebook and the right pen, because any old crap just will never do!

With pens, it has to be a Bic Z4+ gel pen, 0.7mm nib, black ink. Or for a ball-point, a Sprite Baron with blue ink.

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